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Hello, and welcome to my blog! This is an ongoing “project” of mine, and I use this site not only to help others out with problems they may come across, but also for my own reference! A lot of the time, a problem needs to be fixed multiple times, and it’s always very handy to document what I did in this blog. That way, everybody can learn and profit from stuff I’ve had to figure out!

I, myself, have a degree in chemistry and am highly interested in the world of science and technology. It is my goal to explore as much as possible into this field, with physical science (chemistry, physics and biology) and also technology (hence this site, which is ran off my own server that I maintain and tinker with). If only I could combine these two areas somehow. Hmmm!

You can see some of my favourite chemistry photos here: Leipzig Chemistry photos

My hobbies include photography, programming, web design, video editing, reading, listening to audiobooks and music. If you are interested in some mixes that I have made (in part or wholly), please check out the Mixcloud link above! I have a Pioneer DDJ-SB and use Mixxx to create performances. Check out the series on my DDJ-SB mapping here if you want to use the DDJ-SB mapping with Mixxx!

If you like this site, be sure to follow me on social media! If you have suggestions or questions for me, hit that “Contact” page at the top. Cheers!

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