Adding another 4TB to the NAS

So, I managed to make it around two-and-a-half years before I started to get low on space in the 2016 NAS. It was time to add 4 more terabytes and expand the storage!

The NAS (top) sitting happy in the “rack”

The three 4TB Seagate Barracuda NAS drives I got in 2016 are still running perfectly, so I had no concerns in getting another to throw into the fourth bay.

The design of the drive has changed a little bit since they have now moved from ST4000VN000 being the model number to ST4000VN008. The drive still runs at 5900 RPM and is physically very similar to the others.

I am using RAID5 in the CentOS-based Rockstor – although it is based on BTRFS and isn’t “production ready” it has been working just fine for me. Than again, I haven’t suffered any drive failures.

I left the NAS running and installed the drive. It span up, then I went into Rockstor and used the “Resize/ReRaid Pool” option to add the drive into the main storage pool. It added successfully and informed me that it had started a re-balance to spread the data across the new drive.

The new storage space was immediately accessible:

14.5TB is what SMB reports before the RAID5 overhead is accounted for – really the drive pool is around 12TB. They really should fix this.

The rebalance took around two days to complete, but the pool was slow but usable until it was done. Now, lets wait until I run out of space again and then I will have to replace the entire drive set… that might be expensive! Let’s hope 8+TB drives come down in price before then!

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