AGESA – ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4

I’ve been keeping track of the latest BIOS releases for my shiny new rig – Flammenwerfer. As of then – I could only manage DDR4-2400 reliably on my Hynix-based set of Corsair Vengeance LED memory.

I grabbed the update – and some things have definitely improved:

These are the best settings I can currently achieve. For one thing, the RAM runs at DDR4-2666 now at 16, 17, 17, 35 timings. The kit itself, however, is rated at DDR4-3000 @ 15, 17, 17, 35 and I was not able to reliably get CAS 15 to post first time at 2666MHz.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the DDR4-2933 XMP profile to POST at all. Even with higher memory voltages and slower timings – it’s not going to budge. I did try DDR4-2800, but even then there was no dice.

The BIOS has been updated with waaaaaay more memory tweaking options – so I bet ASRock will be going through and working out more appropriate memory profiles for Hynix-based RAM. I’m hoping for some future BIOS update to magically allow me to get to that magic DDR4-2933 speed!

So some progress from AMD has definitely been made – my max overclock has gone up 100MHz @ 1.4V to 3.9GHz:

And yes – that voltage reading is still totally wrong. As for the “Bench” tab:

Against an Intel 6950X at stock – this thing gets scarily close considering that is a ~£1600 part.

I’ve only been using this new AGESA code for the last day or two – so far everything seems to be rock-stable. I’m still able to game, render video – do all the usual high-load stuff without things falling over.

So that’s my brief two cents on this matter – I am glad that ASRock are keeping on top of the updates. They do seem to take a bit longer than other vendors, but at least when they are released they seem to be stable. Which is only a good thing!

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