AMD CPU’s: Higher boost state not used?

I have an AMD FX-6300 CPU in my main rig, which boasts a stock CPU clock of 3.5GHz, then a “Turbo” clock of 3.8GHz, and a “Max Turbo” clock of 4.1GHz.

I realised that I was not getting the entire boost clock from this screenshot:


As you can see, all the boost states are listed on the left window (3.8GHz and 4.1GHz). I am currently running the “Performance” governor. Top right is a single core stress test, and you can see this in the bottom right window as core 3 is running at near 100%. But what is odd, is that the frequency is hovering about that 3.8GHz mark, and not scaling all the way up to 4.1GHz, as is expected for a lightly threaded workload to do.

I also have seen similar behaviour in Windows, but I can enable the higher boost clock in AMD Overdrive. My BIOS settings reflect the 4.1GHz max turbo setting, and Turbo boost is enabled (at least we are getting 3.8GHz).

I will be investigating this further, stay tuned…

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