Antutu Benchmark: Some random benchmarks

I found the Antutu Benchmark on the Apple App Store, so I decided to compare my iPhone 4 to my other mobile devices:




So the iPhone 4 scores 7353 points. The Google Nexus 7 2013 scored:


28124 points (not too surprising since the tablet is running a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro vs the iPhone’s single core).

I fired up my old Sony Xperia U (1.0 GHz dual core):



Some slightly higher scores here at 9241 points (makes sense since the Sony has more cores). I still prefer using the iPhone over the Xperia U since the iPhone actually receives calls properly and iMessage is nice (but groups don’t work properly, more on this later).

I’m not sure if these scores are relateable between iOS and Android, but if they are it seems that my iPhone 4 actually has less processor power than my Xperia U, but still has better real-world performance. Interesting, I will be doing more benchmarks soon!

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