BIOS Update for Intel NUC DN2820FYKH: Headless booting fixed!

Intel have released another BIOS update for the NUC DN2820FYKH, which you can get here (the most up to date one at the time of writing).

I had an issue with the NUC where it refused to boot without some kind of HDMI screen plugged into it, so whenever I did a reboot I would have to unplug my screen from the computer and then plug it into the NUC, only to then boot it and unplug it again to continue using the PC. This is a pain when there is a power cut aswell 🙁

Fortunately, I was so relieved that it now boots properly without the requirement of a screen! This means I can leave it sitting anywhere and it will work flawlessly. I read Intel’s product brief on the update and apparently the fix was applied a few updates ago, and I was fairly sure I had the latest update. Never mind, all is well now!

I said before that a review of the NUC as a server was coming soon, and it can now be written as I had a fair few problems with the NUC involving this booting issue and, especially, WiFi problems.

Stay tuned for the full review!

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  1. Is your model one with the 2820 or 2830 CPU? I have this NUC with the newer 2830 CPU and tried this BIOS version and it doesn’t work. Just sits there doing nothing, unless I power it on with an HDMI monitor attached. I’ve tried many different BIOS versions that people lcaim fixed the issue but always no dice. Argh!!!

    Chris Noyes
    • Mine is the one with the 2830 version. That’s an odd situation you have, I’ve got the latest BIOS version from the Intel website and it seems to work just fine for me. What OS are you running on yours?

      • Ubuntu 14.04-2 x64 Server. But I don’t think the OS has anything to do with this. It never even attempts to load the OS (HD light flashes once during the POST).

        Chris Noyes
        • I find that GRUB can have problems with booting sometimes, and will just sit there waiting for somebody to press enter on the keyboard, instead of booting straight away. Try connecting a USB keyboard and pressing enter after waiting 10 seconds or so after powering on

          • I suspect this has something to do with the HDMI needing a signal. I tried booting with a keyboard connected and hitting enter but nothing. I unplugged the keyboard and just connected the monitor and it booted fine (just a 2 sec delay at the grub boot loader). I just setup a Shuttle XS35V4 the same and it won’t boot without a monitor connected either (it has both HDMI and VGA). Either this is a new “feature” of the intel chipset for these celerons or I have a poltergeist playing tricks on me. I found some HDMI dummy plugs on Amazon (ad claims it is used for Mac mini’s and Intel NUC’s); they should be delivered on Wednesday. I’ll respond back with my results then. Thanks.

            Chris Noyes
          • I ordered a dummy plug for mine too, and it worked just fine with and without it so it looks like that should be the solution you need. Intel seems to be releasing BIOS updates every couple of months (the latest version is 0050 now) and version 0042 was meant to fix the headless booting issue (according to their release notes), and that version didn’t actually fix it (version 0045 fixed it for me). Good luck with getting everything working!

          • The Fit HDMI plug arrived today. works perfectly (I’m currently RDP’d into my now headless NUC). Too bad it requires a plug but the cost was pretty minimal.

            Chris Noyes
          • Good stuff! Glad to hear that worked out okay for you in the end, enjoy the NUC!

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