Blender Performance: Ubuntu 14.10 vs Windows 7!

I have been experimenting using Blender to do some video editing, and I found that the video editor would only use a single thread when rendering the final video:

Screenshot - 240315 - 05:55:06

I am running an AMD FX-6300 with 8GB DDR3-1333, and only one core at any one time was being used by Blender (about 17% CPU usage).

I used the Catzilla 720p movie as a standard for benchmarking video rendering, outputting to XVid at 8Mbit/s. Under xUbuntu 14.10 the 164 seconds long video took 220 seconds to render (74.5% real-time speed). By comparison, Kdenlive renders to H.264 at 8Mbits/s in 196 seconds (89% real-time speed) and uses about 90% CPU. The file sizes from Blender and Kdenlive were 150.8 MB and 149.3 MB (0.9% difference).

I rebooted into Windows 7 and used the same version of Blender (v. 2.73a) to render the same video:


The file rendered in 200 seconds (82% real-time speed). This was faster in Windows 7 than xubuntu by 10%.

I also ran the BMW 2.7x Cycles Benchmark to get an idea of top-end Blender performance between Ubuntu and Windows 7:

Screenshot - 240315 - 06:29:36

xUbuntu 14.10 finished the benchmark in 7 mins 10 seconds.


Windows 7 finished the benchmark in 11 minutes 22 seconds! That’s 1.6x slower!

I can conclude that Windows 7 is a bit faster for video editing, but 3D rendering is much, much faster on Ubuntu.

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