Bose SoundLink Mini Brief Overview

I was given a Bose SoundLink Mini for Christmas, here is a brief overview (a full review will be coming soon!):

This is a small, portable Bluetooth speaker with an internal battery. Bose are well known for their high quality products, and this is no exception:


This is the front, where two passive drivers sit on the left and right hand side. Behind the “Bose” logo is a passive bass radiator, which is driven by the back-pressure caused by the two active drivers.


Here is the back, and you can just about see the other bass radiator (making two in total). There are two to minimise distortion caused by positive and negative pressures; with two they will move in a way to keep the pressure the same on the inside.

The top of the unit has six buttons:


The unit is on at the moment, with Bluetooth connected to my iPhone. It also supports 3.5mm auxilliary input (though not at the same time). There is a power button, mute button, volume buttons and mode select buttons.

Pairing is very straightforward, you press the Bluetooth button until the light turns blue and flashes, then you scan for it from your device and connect to it. If it asks you for a code, just enter 0000 (though it has never asked me on my iPhone, Nexus 7 2013 or my laptop).

The full review will be coming soon, stay tuned!

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