Experimenting with OpenBroadcaster!

I have a (rather rubbish) USB capture card that I can use to record footage on the Raspberry Pi, and I have used it in the past to record games such as Descent (d1x-rebirth and d2x-rebirth). I had issues with directly recording footage from the card – the sound was recorded in Audacity from the Line-In jack and this meant that the video and audio never kept in sync properly. I needed a program that could interface with the USB card and record audio from the Line-In jack at the same time with perfect alignment. I found the best way to record was to use mplayer to directly view the card on the screen and then use SimpleScreenRecorder to record the screen – not ideal.

Step forward: OpenBroadcaster:

Screenshot - 170315 - 10:57:11It was able to detect the card with no issues and it was easy to add my logo and Line-In jack, as well as set up various “scences” that can be switched between quickly. I also experimented with Twitch streaming, which worked flawlessly. I could set up the proper resolution for recording very easily:

Screenshot - 170315 - 11:09:41

Also, a recent update fixed all the sound issues I was having before with d2x-rebirth:

Sounds very good, no skipping and jumping (running rpi-update to update the kernel fixed all that), and more importantly, the audio is in sync with the video!

I’ll definitely be using OpenBroadcaster more in the future, watch this space!

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