Get rid of unwanted Quick Access toggles in Lollipop

With Andriod 5.0 Lollipop, swiping down from the top shows quick access shortcuts to WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen Rotate etc. This is all well and good, though if you mess with the hotspot mode and “Invert Colours” settings, they will add themselves as shortcuts in the Quick Access menu:


This is rather annoying: the Screen Rotate button gets shoved to one side by Invert Colours and the Hotspot button can be accidentally pressed which turns off normal WiFi, disconnecting you from the internet if that is how you are connected.

Also baffling is why there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward way of removing these extra buttons. It turns out there is a trick though.

Android Lollipop removes these buttons if they’re not used for a month, but I’m sure you can’t wait that long or keep on accidentally pressing them. To exploit this quickly, go into the Time and Date settings and turn the clock back a month:



Select OK to confirm the Date. Next, turn the offending settings on and off in the quick toggle menu:


Now the last thing to do is go back into the Time and Date settings and reset the Date to the correct Date, just by ticking the Automatic Time and Date check box or entering it manually:


If everything went well, check your quick access toolbar:


Hurrah! Everything is back to normal. If this didn’t work just try doing it again, and set the date back even further to make sure Let me know if this helped out, or if I’ve missed something!

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