Great Scott!

So its that day and time that we have been waiting for:


Aaah! Back to the Future Part 2! 30 years it’s been! I remember seeing the movies when I was much younger, and loved them. Though I prefer the first and third movies over the second one, it was mind blowing to see what our predictions of humanity were in 1989:

  • Hoverboards
  • Fusion power
  • Shark holograms
  • Floating cars
  • Still using fax machines. Common!

Sadly, none of the above happened (fusion power is still infeasible as of today). But the film did predict a few things that did happen!

  • Video chat
  • Smart homes
  • Voice control
  • VR headsets
  • Watching multiple channels (picture-in-picture or picture-beside-picture)

So I’ve probably missed a few things, but in my books I’d call that more or less a 50% success rate! Not bad as far as predictions go, beats the weather forecast here in the UK any day! One thing the film did not predict that has had the biggest impact on humanity in the last 20 years is what you’re looking at right now.


Let’s continue to make this planet as awesome as it is! Stay classy, Earth!

Thankfully our clothing isn’t as bad as it was in the movie…

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