Hard Drive Use Cases

So, my friend didn’t have the need for a 2TB external hard drive, and he gifted it to me. The drive was used with a Mac Mini, and was pretty much never turned off after it came out of the box. This is what the SMART statistics came out with:


It turns out that its a Seagate Barracuda Green (hence the 5900 RPM spindle speed). The drive has over 5 years of Total Power On Hours! That’s 44,500 hours – by far and away the most I’ve seen on a drive personally.

I compared it to my Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB:


As you can see, it only has 7777 hours on it, but has been started and stopped over 2,300 times, compared to just 150 for the Seagate. My question is: what is worse? Continuous power-on or heavily repeated start-stop cycles? Hmm.

I’ll keep an eye on these drives – this could turn out to be interesting! Stay tuned…

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