How I use Android for server monitoring

Making sure your server is still up doesn’t have to be a complicated thing – with a few Android apps you can set up an entire home screen to give you an easy glimpse of what your server is up to:


Starting from the left, I have Chrome shortcuts to Webmin and the homepage to the site, which let’s me do easy admin tasks quickly. Next, I have the WordPress app, which is hyere to let me take a glance at the status of the site before I open WordPress to write a post. Munin is a very handy app which let’s me easily check how things are running.

Next is the JuiceSSH app, which let’s me SSH into the server to fix/change something if I need to. Lastly is a JuiceSSH extension called PerformanceMonitor, which shows a simple monitoring overview if you are running a game server for example:


Underneath all the app links there are four Munin widget graphs which let me quickly see what is going on with the server in terms of CPU usage, memory usage, temperatures and network activity. This is extremely handy and is an excellent time saver!

I might add more monitoring stuff in another page in the future, so keep an eye out for that!

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