Intel NUC DN2820FYKH Geekbench Problem

I’ve been trying to run Geekbench 3.2.2 under Ubuntu on the NUC DN2820, but all I get is an Error 500 message:

Uploading results to the Geekbench Browser. This could take a minute or two
depending on the speed of your internet connection.

server returned HTTP error code 500

I’m thinking this has something to do with the strange output from the “Model” part of the “System Information” section:

System Information
Operating System Ubuntu 14.10 3.17.4-031704-generic x86_64
Model ��������������������������������� ���������������������������������
Motherboard Intel Corporation DN2820FYK
Processor Intel Celeron N2830 @ 2.42 GHz
1 Processor, 2 Cores, 2 Threads
Processor ID GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8
L1 Instruction Cache 32.0 KB x 2
L1 Data Cache 24.0 KB x 2
L2 Cache 1.00 MB
L3 Cache 0.00 B
Memory 3.75 GB
BIOS Intel Corp. FYBYT10H.86A.0041.2014.1029.1807
Compiler Clang 3.3 (tags/RELEASE_33/final)

I would really like to see what score I get, so let me know if this is a common issue and whether or not there is a fix!

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