iPhone 4 Hotspot: suddenly really, really good!

I was determined to get the hotspot working properly, since I’ve had many problems with its performance in the past (look in the post archives page above or search!). I decides to try Bluetooth, which turned out pretty good:


I thought, OK, this is much much better than the >1 kB/s I was getting before. I decided to try the WiFi mode again to see if that improved at all:


Sweet mother of all that is holy, what the heck happened??? It used to really suck and now its outdoing my old Sony Xperia U?? Nice!

Yeah, I did run these at nearly 2am, but the time of day didn’t impact 3G speed that much in the past with my old Xperia U, so I’m very happy with this! I’ll keep you in the know of how reliable this is, though!

Recommended App: Munin for Android
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