Mini Review: Sennheiser PMX95 Neckband Headphones

In the Black Friday sales, I grabbed the Sennheiser PMX95 Neckband headphones:


They are neckband headphones, and sit on the ear with the plastic frame reaching behind your ears. They are adjustable; the drivers themselves can swing up and down slightly on the frame, making it easy to adjust to suit you. I have owned them for a couple of months now, and it did take some getting used to wearing these headphones. At first, they weren’t very comfortable for a long while and my ears got sore after extended use. But now, I can wear them all day and they are comfortable and my ears no longer get sore.


They do not block out noise in any way. I hear a lot of people saying that this is a bad thing, but in my experience I think this is a great feature. I used in-ear headphones before which were great for blocking out noise, but at LAN parties I had to keep removing them to hear people or just leaving one free (which for audiophiles is a cardinal sin). With these, I found I could hear everything my friends were saying to me without having to remove them, which meant I could keep listening in stereo.

The sound quality of these is excellent, with rich bass and very defined treble. They can get very loud without them distorting (though I don’t recommend turning them right up often since you could damage your hearing). You’ll be able to tell the difference between a high-end sound card and the basic on-board audio in computers, and especially between MP3 files which have been encoded at different bitrates. If you appreciate sound quality, don’t go below 192 kbit/s. Go for FLAC if you can!


Subjectively, they look very smart. If you have dark hair, the frame going behind your head becomes very hard to see.


The headphone jack is gold-plated (not that it makes *that* much difference) and has Sennheiser’s logo and a very nice cable which doesn’t seem to get tangled very easily and looks like it will stand the test of time.

Overall, I give these headphones a 9/10:

  • They are comfortable after you get used to them
  • The sound quality is excellent from good quality sources
  • They don’t block out background sounds (good for LAN parties, bad for aeroplanes)
  • The connector and cable are very high quality

If you own these headphones, or want to get them, let me know what you think by commenting!


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