Mixxx MIDI Scripts Crash Course

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If you’re looking to have a shot at DJ-ing and have a DJ controller, I would recommend having a shot at using Mixxx:

Screenshot - 030215 - 12:04:55

It’s free and open-source and can be run on any Windows, Mac or Linux PC. I’ve found the hardware requirements to be lower than that of Traktor or Serato DJ, and even my AMD E-350 based laptop can run without any sound interruptions, with perfect stability over a 12-hour Auto-DJ test, meaning I could take my laptop to a club and play there knowing it will perform just great for my needs.

Unfortunately, Mixxx is a bit limited in a few aspects. Firstly, as the time of writing with Mixx v. 1.11.0, there’s only one effect: Flange. However more are rumoured to be in the works for the 1.12 release! Secondly, there is no High-Pass/Low-Pass filter knob effect that is present in many recent controllers. This can be worked around just by using the three band filters as normal, though. Thirdly, though Mixxx does come with many supported DJ controllers, its not entirely straightforward to implement your own controller. The aim of this article is to help get you started into configuring your DJ controller to use Mixxx!

The controller I will be using is a Pioneer DDJ-SB, which is a great beginners controller. It provides pretty much all the basic functionality you need to perform any kind of set you like. It has a built-in high-quality sound card with RCA outputs for plugging into a mixer/amplifier and includes 1/4 inch microphone input and two headphone outputs, one 1/4 inch and one 3.5mm jack so you can use whatever headphones you like (or even two at the same time).

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