Modding Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade and Soulstorm (Final)

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So it has come to this: you have modified the Titanium Mod and now you want to package it to send to friends/make available online. This is rather simple to do – you just have to change the .module file to something unique:


Above you can see that I have made a copy of the original .module file (right) and tweaked the lines shown in greeny-yellow. You need to keep the ModFolder line the same as what you call the main mod folder inside your game directory:


Here, I renamed my edited Titanium_Wars_Mod_SS to Titanium_Wars_NoLim, so that the unlimited version can coexist with the limited version.

So, for the mod to work you need the following files and folders:

  • Your .module file (In my case: TitaniumWars_SSNoLim.module)
  • The mod folder (In my case: Titanium_Wars_NoLim)
  • autoexec.lua (from the original Titanium Wars mod)
  • (optional) Engine/Data/art/ui/textures/wxp_loadscreen_dawn_of_war.dds

The last file changes the splash screen when you first load the game. You can edit this with a DDS plugin in GIMP if you are feeling extra crafty.

Zip these files and folders up and thats it! When you send this to your friends, all they need to do is extract this to their game folder. When they next run the game, they can select the mod in the Game Manager:


So thats it! I hope this was useful, feel free to share and tweak this guide (and send me suggestions on what I have missed or need to improve on)!

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