Modding Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade and Soulstorm (Modding Pt 1)

Be sure to check out yesterday’s post on how to set this all up!

So we have the Titanium Wars mod loaded in the Corsix Mod Studio. Now, we have to open another instance of the Mod Studio with the Unlimited Mod to see what changes have been made to make the units unlimited. I arranged them next to each other:


Remember: blue files are not changed, red files are changed. Now, we have to look through the folders in the Unlimited Mod (right hand side) until we get to a changed file. Ignore the “ai” and “art” folders, we want to concentrate in the “attrib” folder.


The first thing I did was change the overall race limits (the values that appear in the top-left of the screen during the game:


The Unlimited Mod sets these values to 0/0 and 0/0 (essentially unlimited). These values are located in “racebps/<race>.rgd/race_squad_cap_table”:


Here we can see that both mods change the default files (since they are red), and that the Unlimited Mod sets all the values to zero. So, all we have to do at this point is go through all the race rgd files and change their values to zero (max_squad_cap and max_support_cap):


Remember to click “Save” on each file. This will take the overall cap off each race. Unfortunately, that means we now have zero cap and won’t be able to build any units that take up population. Tomorrow, we will go through on how to take the population cap off each unit, so they don’t take up any population. This will enable us to produce as many units as we like!

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