Modding Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade and Soulstorm (Modding Pt 3)

Use the arrows below to look back to how we got to this stage!

So we have set our units to have no cap usage whatsoever. Now, we want to make sure that we can have as many as we like, as some units (like the Necron Monilith) only allow you to have a limited amount.

So how do we do this?


Under Data/attrib/sbps/races/<race>/unit.rgd, the /GameData/squad_requirement_ext/required_n/max_cumulative_squad_cap value is set to 3. We want more than 3. We want lots. I set these values to 999 using the script I made here. Right click on the races folder and run the macro on all the rgd files in that folder. It will update the values to 999 and save the file.

The script is so long because the game seems to store these values in random required_n folders! I just went for the brute force approach and go through each folder and search for the variable, and change that. It seems to work just fine. Setting the value to zero doesn’t work – it allows you to have zero of those units. I haven’t tried setting the value to -1 yet, let me know if you try it and what happens!

The last limit we want to take off is for the buildings. Six power generators is just not enough. We can use a very similar method as before:


So I found the location where plasma generators are limited. Use this script to run on the races folder under ebps. This will go through and allow you to build up to 999 plasma generators. Try using -1 and see if that allows true infinite numbers (let me know if it works!).

So that is the modding done! Feel free to go through and tweak some other values (for instance, making vehicles only occupy one slot in transport 😉 )!

The final step is packaging the mod! I will go over this tomorrow, stay tuned!

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