Modding Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade and Soulstorm (Setup and Tools)

So, I want to make the Titanium Mod for Soulstorm have unlimited units and buildings. Why? FOR CHAOS. Sorry.

The first thing you will need is the Corsix Mod Studio, for modding Relic Entertainment’s games (and a few extra dll’s that you can Google the name of and just plonk in the same folder as the executable).


… and yes, that is Windows XP. I did have it working under Windows 7, but others have had issues. So I am just using a Windows XP Virtual Machine. I used Steam to download and install Soulstorm, but you can use the retail DVD install if you want. Get the Titanium Wars Mod downloaded and installed for Soulstorm (latest version <I think> here). The RAR password is Russian, use Notepad++ to open the text file since normal Notepad is rather useless. Also download and install the Unlimited Mod, since we want to see what changes there are.

So we have the Mod Studio, Soulstorm, Titanium Wars and Unlimited Mod all installed. Let’s “Load DoW:SS Mod” and select the TitaniumWarsSS.module file in the game directory that corresponds to Titanium Wars. Select English (or whatever language). You will get something like this:


Eurgh, a lot of files and folders! This is how DoW packages the game files – each unit has its own set of files that impacts how they are operated in the game. Files that are blue are not modified by the mod (left as default). Files that are red are ones that the mod replaces when the game loads the mod. This will come in useful, as we will find out later.

So we have our modding environment set up! Make sure to subscribe on Facebook or Google+ to follow this series!

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