Multiple ISO’s on USB Drive!

Many of us have been there – flashing a USB flash drive with an ISO so we can boot a PC into, for example, the Windows installer or Linux installer etc. The size of the ISO is usually about 700MB for Linux distros, or about 3.5GB for Windows installers. Generally 4GB flash drives are great for this, but if you’re like me and want to use multiple OS’s/ISO’s you’ll have to reflash the drive with each ISO each time you want to use a different OS.

I was thinking that you should be able to use a larger USB drive (eg, 16/32 GB) with multiple ISO’s on it, and choose in a list which one to boot. As it turns out, you can!

I came across MultiSystem:

Screenshot - 100215 - 01:03:53

This allows you to insert any flash drive and load up as many ISO’s as you like! Once the drive shows up in the list, double click it and you’ll be prompted to set up the drive. After that, you can load up as many ISO’s as you like until the drive is full.

It’s a Linux-Only “script”, which uses GRUB to manage booting the ISO’s.

I will be posting more on this in the near future! Happy ISOing!

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