My introduction into iOS land: Day 1

As you know, I acquired a second-hand iPhone 4 8GB model. Now, I have been an Android user for many years, though this has been a vastly positive experience, I am open minded and willing to see what really lies on the other side of the fence in the world of Apple. This is my day-by-day run-down of an average user who just picked up an iPhone for the first time.

Yes, it’s just a now-ancient iPhone 4, running iOS 7.1.2, but it’s a start!

I own a Nexus 7 2013, which is my daily driver for content consumption, so I had no need to install all the associated apps like Plex or the like onto the iPhone. This was probably a good thing, as I will go into later.

Firstly, I should mention that I am writing this on the iPhone 4 itself, as a test of its autocorrect features and typing comfort.


That is the default keyboard on the iPhone (it doesn’t come with emojis, you have to get a separate app and add the keyboard in as a foreign keyboard). I find that I can type very quickly on it, but it has one infuriating flaw:


All those “Damn you, autocorrect!” memes online didn’t prepare me for this. I’ll give it credit where it is due, it can correct mistyped words very well. What annoys me so much, is when it recorrects properly typed words into others. You try saying that you’re “ill” or “I’ll do something” and it’ll sometimes change it to the other one. Argh!

Anyway, enough about the keyboard. The first thing I like about this mobile OS is its stability. It’s not crashed once since I’ve started using it (except for the odd app once or twice). I put a new battery in, so I can manage a full day out of the phone with moderate usage (longer than a lot of other iPhone users I know).

The second thing I like so far is iMessage. Though I think it looks a bit boring (compared to WhatsApp for example), it’s fast and great for group conversations with other iPhone users. Also, it underlines times and dates so you can add them to the calendar:


That’s it for today, stay tuned for day 2!

Merry Christmas!
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