My introduction into iOS land: Day 2

So I’ve been using the iPhone 4 for a while now, and so far its been pretty good. I have been using it with my new Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speakers, and that has been working flawlessly. Pairing was very quick, and the speakers find the phone within 2-3 seconds after turning the speakers on.


The range is about 15 meters in a straight line, and is a bit less going through walls, but this is adequate for Bluetooth. The sound quality over Bluetooth is excellent and headphones sound perfect.

Multitasking on the iPhone is accomplished by double-pressing the home button:



Switching between apps is very quick, but sometimes stutters a little bit, especially when the app hasn’t been used for a good while. Music playback is totally unaffected by switching apps, something that plagued me on my Sony Xperia U, so now I can browse, text and take photos whilst playing music to my Bluetooth speakers in the background. Note: all the sounds get sent over the Bluetooth link, including keyboard sounds and notifications. Just slide the loud/silent switch on the side of the iPhone to vibrate mode:


This is set to the “ring” mode – use the volume buttons (when nothing is playing) to adjust the ringer volume.


This is the “vibrate” mode – set this to stop sounds going over Bluetooth/when you’re in the cinema etc. Sorry its a bit dirty!


Finally for today, the lock screen works in a similar way to Android when it comes to having media playing. This is handy for skipping to other songs, or playing/pausing. You can adjust the volume of the output using the volume buttons on the side with the screen off, though.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

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