My introduction into iOS land: Day 3

I’ve had my iPhone 4 for about a month now, and have been using it for about three weeks or so. So far, it has been a very smooth experience for me, except for one or two small details. For instance, the screen refuses to turn off when I’m on a call to somebody, and I have hung up or muted them a few times:


This is generally what happens – the quick access buttons get pressed quite often on my cheek so now I have to hold the phone away from my face. I also am not a huge fan of the iOS WordPress app, and I have a few problems as I have posted about yesterday. I have found this setting though:


I think this will reduce the size of the image, but will scale it down completely so that you’ll just get the same low-res version if you click the image to get the full size. I’ll try this later and see if my suspicions are correct. You can get it to scale the images properly in the Android version of the app.

I am impressed with the camera though, still takes good photos even by today’s standards:


One last thing:


Can we get rid of apps we don’t want? Please?

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