My Introduction into iOS land: Day 4

Well the past couple of weeks haven’t been that great to be honest. Firstly there was the issue with hotspot speeds:

I still have not seen any improvement. Maybe it’s down to the age of the hardware, but I find that baffling as the hardware is capable of decent speeds:

And then there’s Apples rather daft limitation:

100MB PAH! I’ve ranted enough about this, and my apple-loving friends claim its a good thing. No. A good thing would be to at the minimum warn me saying “woa dude that’s a big-ass file you’re trying to download, what about your mobile data bro?”. Kinda exactly how Android does it. At least you can still stream though. Yay.

Anyway, now that’s behind me, I can reflect on some of the good things about the iPhone experience.

Battery life has been rather good so far:


I was also able to take some quite nice stills with the rear camera:

Maybe I’ll post one more day in the future. Until then, happy iPhoneing 🙂

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