Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti Performance Review: Windows!

This week I have been benchmarking my new Palit GeForce GTX 750Ti StormX Dual 2GB graphics card. Yesterday, I looked at Ubuntu Linux performance, but today I will be looking into Windows 7 performance!


I ran the latest version of 3DMark since it scales very well with GPU horsepower. I compared this new card against my old AMD HD5750 1GB, which scored as follows:


The AMD HD5750 scored 1463 in Fire Strike, and puts it on the comparison chart in a low position:

5750 graph

Only about double an “Ultralight Notebook”. The GTX 750Ti however…


…scored 4335 in Fire Strike, which is about 3x the score as the HD5750! The new card sits on the comparison chart as follows:

750Ti Graph

Much better, now even better than a Gaming Laptop! I’m still a way off of having a proper “High End Gaming PC” but this is not a bad start for a good value card!

Windows 7 Experience Index:


The old card scored 7.4 here, so a boost to 7.7 is nice.

Stay tuned for some overclocking!

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