OPNSense 18.7: Higher CPU usage?

Just a short one – I made an observation going from OPNSense 18.1 to 18.7 that the average CPU usage has gone up slightly:

The first half of this year showed about 0.05% CPU usage on average, and after the update this has sprung up to 0.20-0.25%. 

The CPU is the Intel J3455, a 10W TDP chip with a Passmark score of 2144 points. This is a low power chip that would be more sensitive to the changes in background usage than for a desktop chip for instance – however the actual CPU usage is still tiny on average and I’m not worried about it (0.25% is still a tiny, tiny amount).

Zooming in on the data, you can see why:

Every 30 minutes there is a spike (though sometimes there isn’t one) – these were not there before the update. Some routine task has probably been added – though I have no idea what it is looking at the update notes.

I hadn’t changed anything about the network or setup between the updates, just to be clear. The spikes are quite a high usage – on the order of up to 6% CPU usage. This is still negligible though, and I can’t tell when it’s happening during online games or anything like that.

If someone knows what this is about or if they are getting the same behaviour – please feel free to let me know!

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