Overclocking with no voltage increase: FX6300

A while back I posted about my difficulties with AMD Turbo core, and I have had no luck with it. Instead, I decided to try overclocking. The AMD FX-6300 runs at 3.5GHz at about 1.25V, and can turbo up to 4.1GHz (when it actually works). Here is my Geekbench score at this frequency:


Single: 2014
Multi: 8059

So, now for overclocking! I set the frequency to 4.1GHz (the max turbo frequency) and tried booting. Unfortunately, I got a load of kernel hardware errors, so 4.1 wasn’t stable (maybe that’s why I wasn’t getting the max turbo?). I knocked down the frequency to 4.0GHz and it booted just fine, and so far it has been stable (after a 30 minute stress test of stress -c 6).

Here is the Geekbench result:


Single: 2129
Multi: 8669

So thats a 5% increase in single threaded performance and a 7% increase in multi threaded performance, for a 14% increase in clock frequency. I think the rest of my system is holding back some performance now (my RAM is only DDR3-1333).

I will see how far I can push my Phenom II system in the future!

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