Phew, everything worked out!

So, in the last post, I whined about the stupid situation I had got myself into – with Windows plain straight-up refusing to boot if it wasn’t in the first partition on the drive. I was annoyed at this, because any decent OS should be able to be bootable no matter where it sits on a drive (in my opinion).

I re-imaged everything and let Windows be at the start, and it fired straight up! I didn’t have to do a boot-repair or anything, it just worked straight away. Excellent, that works just fine. Now, all I need to do is image Linux across and set up the boot loader. The image was very fast (going from SSD to SSD), but I couldn’t figure out how to update the bootloader on the new SSD easily, using boot-repair-disk¬†Then, I realised I was making things hard for myself…

I had a working Linux copy on the old SSD! I just ran update-grub on that and let it find the Linux install on the new SSD! I set my BIOS to load the updated bootloader from the old SSD and booted into the new SSD from that! And, it worked like a charm! Once I was in the new SSD, I was able to run update-grub and voila, grub was installed properly and both Linux and Windows are fast and easy to boot.

I still have the problem where Windows will completely overwrite GRUB when it does something like a service pack update, so I’ll be needing to keep the old SSD around just in case, so I can use that with a SATA-USB adapter to boot into the Linux partition and redo the boot loader! Here is the current layout of my new¬†Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD:


This setup works just fine now – though it baffles me that Windows is such a picky b***ard about booting. Sigh…

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a picture of the new SSD! Cyber Monday is tomorrow, pray for my bank account!


Rant time.
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