Pioneer DDJ-SB Mixxx Mapping v2.1

Since the last update, I have made some improvements over version 2.0:

  • Slowed down the jog rate of the jog wheels to give more granular control
  • Redesigned the effects settings:
    • Both effects knobs now adjust level/mix by themselves
    • Effects knob 1 + SHIFT adjusts the first adjustment in Effects panels 1 and 2
    • Effects knob 2 + SHIFT adjusts the second and third adjustments in Effects panels 1 and 2
  • Added Channel Fader Start functionality: With deck paused and cued, hold SHIFT and raise the Channel Fader up, and the deck will start playing. Recommended for use with Quantize enabled (SHIFT + Sync).
  • Added preview deck control:
    • Load Deck 1 + SHIFT loads the selected track into the Preview Deck
    • Load Deck 2 + SHIFT plays/pauses the Preview Deck
  • To match the Tempo slider functionality on the SB in Mixxx, make sure you go to Options > Preferences > Interface > Speed Slider Direction > Down increases speed. 

You can download this version here. Happy Mixxxing!


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  1. YES!!! Jogwheel now feels much better, best ddj-sb mixxx mapping out there.


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