Quick Review: The Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard

Ooooh! Nice! I guess its time for a quick review of the Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard (non RGB version). The particular model I have features the Cherry MX Red keyswitches, which do not have a mechanical “bump”, but rather a continuous movement that is meant to be “better for gaming”. Personally, I really like these keyswitches! They are rather satisfying to type on, but they make quite a racket when you are typing at full speed.

Some more glamour shots:

You can choose three levels of backlight and an off setting. You can disable the start menu with a toggle switch near the indicator LEDs and also enable a custom lighting mode:

If you hold down the custom lighting button for three seconds you can enable and disable the lighting for individual keys – which might be nice for some games/applications that use a wide range of keys.

They also throw in some interchangeable keycaps and a key removal tool:

You also get keycaps for the 1-6 keys which are applicable to many first-person shooters. I also am a huge fan of the media section of the keyboard:

So we have the usual suspects, but the volume wheel is extremely nice. It is just perfect for setting the volume in-game just right very quickly, which is easier than using individual buttons. It also feels very premium!

Finally, a shot of the back side of the keyboard:

Here we can see some of the mechanical keyswitches, but also a response selector switch and a USB port. Now, the selector switch allows you to adjust the response time from 1 to 8 milliseconds, depending on how you like it. BIOS mode is for legacy BIOS’ if you need it, but I just leave mine in the 1ms position and I’ve had zero problems with it. The USB passthrough port is also very useful for pen drives or other peripherals (such as a mouse that has a short cable, or a wireless receiver that you can position close to the mouse instead of into the tower under your desk).

So, I had better round up this review! The build quality of this keyboard is awesome. It does not flex anywhere, not even a smidgin. The brushed aluminium is very nice but seems to be prone to fingerprints, and the included wrist-rest is a nice addition, since the bottom edge isn’t very big. Works very well in Linux as-well, no weird drivers to download (also neither in Windows. The Corsair RGB software does not work with this keyboard).

All in all, I give this keyboard a solid 10/10. An absolute beast that will definitely last me many years to come!

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