Rasperry Pi: Disable screen blanking

If you have a Raspberry Pi connected to a screen using HDMI or Composite, you may notice that the screen will go blank after a while of inactivity:

Screenshot - 190315 - 18:05:11

Fortunately, there is a simple command that will disable this:

setterm -blank 0 -powerdown off

This will stop the raspberry pi from turning the screen off:

Screenshot - 190315 - 18:06:36

This is useful if you want to monitor the output of a long process, and I am currently compiling RetroPie from source in the screenshot above, so stay tuned for some RetroPie action on the Raspberry Pi 2! You can make this a permanent change by adding the command above into /etc/rc.local .

Be aware, though, that if you leave the same text on the screen for a long time, it can get burned into the screen:

So be careful!

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