Ryzen: DDR4-2933 Finally Working

Finally! This has taken way too long – a recent BIOS update has finally fixed a long-term issue I have had with Flammenwerfer, my Ryzen 1700X rig: I was stuck running at DDR4-2666.

I updated to v4.50 from the ASRock site and I now can run DDR4-2933 with no issues!


Since 2666 was already quite fast, I haven’t noticed much performance difference from day-to-day tasks – except in one application: HandBrake.

Before, I would get, for instance, 50-60 FPS when converting to H265. Now I’m easily getting 80-100 FPS for similar videos. Not going to complain!

It is pretty much exactly one year since Ryzen was released and from when I built this Ryzen 7 1700X I am writing this on – it is good to see how far the development of the Ryzen architecture has come over the past while.

It is rumoured that the 2000 series of Ryzen chips will have way better memory performance and higher clock speeds – maybe I will need to upgrade if the difference is large enough!

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