Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 500GB: Bad sectors!

So its finally happened:


One of my ST500DM002 (AKA 7200.14) 500GB drives has finally developed some bad sectors. I have already started a scrub on these drives just to be sure that my data is still consistent.

These drives have done very well in my opinion since they have done over 7,600 hours of runtime. I am running RAID-5, which should hopefully keep me protected in the event that one of these drives outright dies (which I find unlikely, these modern drives generally show some early warning signs, and I don’t class 8 bad sectors as a huge problem, yet).


I am going to keep an eye on this drive and make sure that the bad sector count is not increasing rapidly, as this is a sign of a dying drive. I hope to be upgrading this array soon, since I am seriously running out of space!

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