So something incredible just happened

So my poor Grandad phoned me earlier today, asking me to fix his PC. I said OK sure, and I went over.

This is the specs of the PC:
– Some Advent branded thing
– Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
– 3GB DDR2 800
– Nvidia GeForce 620
– 250GB Hitatchi HDD


So this was a very high end PC when it was purchased way back in 2007, still more than capable of running a very decent desktop experience these days. RAM can be increased if he needs it, but its not necessary. 3GB is enough for emails and web browsing (about all he uses the PC for).

I then realised what the problem was. After all this time, he was still running probably the worst OS Microsoft has ever released.

Windows Vista.

He powered the machine on for me and then said right let’s go get a cup of tea. I was puzzled, but then it clicked. It takes so long to boot that he sets it going and goes for a cuppa. I’m used to booting off SSDs, and I can be up and browsing under 15 seconds. This PC took 20 minutes to bring up the desktop and finish loading startup programs.

He told me he had PC World look at the machine, and they had cleaned out some ransomware that he was hit with a while back. I said that’s great – I didn’t have to do any virus removal. What I did have to do though, was get rid of the source of the slowness. Vista.

I went online and got a key for Windows 10 Pro and made an installation USB. I had to backup his stuff to an external hard drive (this took Vista 2 hours to do 70GB), then I just said to him “Say goodbye to Vista. I can’t believe you used this for 9 years.”

I installed Windows 10 Pro 64bit as a fresh install, and I was seeing sub 30 second boots and an actual responsive system. I restored all the files, Microsoft Office, set up emails, did updates etc then said I was done. I handed the machine back to my Grandad and he asked me if I has swapped the machine with a brand new one without him looking! He said that it had literally never been so fast in its whole 9 year life. I said we can still do a couple of upgrades, an SSD and RAM would add another 3 years (maybe more, until it dies) onto its usability (and a new larger hard drive).

This story made me think about when I had an old HP laptop with 256MB of RAM running XP (HDD churn all day long). When I gave that an extra 512MB I was blown away with the responsiveness. This was a much bigger jump for my Grandad. Going from the worst OS with 9 years of bloat to (one of) the best OS with no bloat is a quantum leap!

The only downside is, my Grandad won’t be making as many cups of tea anymore.

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Rant time.

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