Something Different – A short review of my “new” 2003 Renault Clio

Time to ramble on about my new car! I’ve decided it’s time to get myself a set of wheels (preferably with the rest of the car too), and I came across a 2003 Renault Clio:

(not actually my car hehe)

(not actually my car hehe)

It only had 50,000 miles on the clock, and 1 previous owner who just used it to go to the shop and back a couple of times a week, so it had not been left sitting there for years on end, which can be worse than putting hundreds of thousands of miles on the car! Plus, it was in immaculate condition – here’s a shot of one of the wheels:

(from the Neptune Cars website)

(from the Neptune Cars website)

So, after looking the car over and giving it a test drive, I bought it! And I have to say, I am very happy with it! My brother and I had a different 2003 Renault Clio with 3 doors and a load more miles on it, and we had a few problems with it – the worst being the wheels. The rear passenger side wheel had a slow leak and the alignment was off a tiny bit. Fortunately, this all got fixed in servicing, but then some of the exhaust sensors stopped working (a common problem with Clios), so the engine would idle at a very high speed (normally ~800 RPM, but sat at >1500-2000 RPM with the faulty sensors). Fortunately, at the last service, all of the dodgy sensors were replaced as a precautionary measure! Very good.

Here’s a breakdown of what I like about this car:

  • Little, so well suited to narrow city streets
  • Fast, but not overly so. The 1.4L/16V engine is great for hills and overtaking, but it’s no 5-series!
  • Stable at motorway speeds. This was an issue with the last Clio (due to wheel alignment issues).
  • Low, but frequent, usage. 50,000 miles is nothing for a 2003 car.
  • Full service history – important in case of dodgy fiddlings with odometers!
  • Recent MOT, so I don’t have to worry about it for a good while.
  • Comfortable to sit in and drive
  • It’s a manual, so is definitely more fun than an automatic (opinions may vary 😉 ).
  • 5 doors, and definitely more roomier on the inside than the 3-door version
  • 40-50 mpg on a flat stretch of motorway is just fine in my books!

But, there are couple of things that I don’t like:

  • The radio is awful. Eurgh.
  •  No A/C, but it does have a sunroof…
  • …but the sunroof only opens like an inch. Still, better than nothing!
  • The tax is a bit high, but it is a 2003 unleaded petrol motor – so there’s not much I can do about it!

So all in all, a great car for me! Also, a shout-out goes to Neptune Cars for their great and friendly service, with no BS. They get a thumbs-up from me, and deserve a tad of advertising from me. If you’re in the Midlands, UK and looking for a car, check them out!

Anyway, that’s my little off-the-cuff review of my new ride. See you soon in the next post!

Phew, everything worked out!
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  1. My only experience with Renault was with a 1984 Renault Alliance. It was a truly awful car (after a year some parts would shake off, it rattled so hard). But it looks like you may have struck gold with this little people mover. My feelings about transmissions are that I just want to get from point a to point b; I don’t find shifting constantly to be enjoyable (I just want to put it in “drive” and go!).

    • Yes, a relative of mine also had an Alliance… Let’s not even go there! As for the transmission thing, I’ve driven both manuals and automatics – and yes, automatics are definitely easier (especially in traffic), but I still find the control of what kind of gearing I want enjoyable 🙂

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