Temporary Server Change

I have decided to begin retiring the old Pentium 4 server after 12 years of use. Running WordPress and the like is very taxing for the old system and it uses a lot of power for the relatively low performance it gets (~750 in GeekBench). I will be getting an Intel NUC as a replacement which will use far less power and should be sufficient in terms of the performance required for this site.

I have transferred my site to a virtual machine running in my University PC (~8000 in GeekBench). Here is the resulting WordPress benchmark score:

CPU Speed: 37,334 BogoWips 24,477 BogoWips
Network Transfer Speed: 5.07 Mbps 9.48 Mbps
Database Queries per Second: 239 Queries/Sec 1,289 Queries/Sec

As usual, my system is on the left and the “industry average” is on the right. I am running this site on a RAID-5 array under virtualization so mySQL performance isn’t fantastic but it is plenty for now. The Intel NUC will have an SSD which will prove to be a much faster performer with respect to database speed.

I might have a lot of CPU power left to spare ^.^

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