The 2016 NAS: two years in!

Time really does fly… Its been two years now since I set up the 2016 NAS.

The NAS is in its new home in the equipment rack (TV stand edition) – and fortunately for me and perhaps unfortunately for you I don’t have much to report.

The hard drives have been absolutely fantastic. They haven’t even batted an eyelid – still serving files just as well as the day I got them. The underlying OS, Rockstor, has been okay. I’ve had to redo some configs with regards to scheduled tasks but other than that its been grand!

I’ve been scrubbing the volume once a month and so far there hasn’t been any corruption. Maybe the usage of ECC RAM has helped – but there are no signs of any of the drives dying just yet.

The volume itself is getting a bit full now so I am tempted to expand the storage to 12TB by throwing in another 4TB drive and balancing the array. The prices of hard drives have come down slightly in price for 4TB drives but now 8TB drives are better value.

Its tempting to replace them all with 8TB drives to double the space but there isn’t anything wrong with the 4TBs. I’ve decided I don’t need so much on the NAS, so I have been removing/compressing old data and recovering space that way.

The snapshot functionality of btrfs has been a lifesaver too – I was running a Minecraft server and the save file got corrupted. Usually you’re stuffed, but I was able to roll back a snapshot from a few hours before and it was recovered!

Just a short one – I’m looking out for 4TB Seagate NAS drives on sale… Maybe there will be an upgrade post coming!

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