Trying out Amazon EC2!

I have a free year of using Amazon EC2, with the ability to run a single small Linux server 24/7 t2.micro server. I have migrated the website to that server to give my Intel NUC DN2820FYKH a break (and also to try some other things with the NUC – stay tuned!).

Details of my small instance:



The CPU it is running on is a 12 core monster at 2.40GHz (possibly two CPU’s installed in the server). I have been provisioned 1GB of RAM and 8GB of disk space, which seems to be enough for this site for now. Nice.

A quick WordPress benchmark:


…Yeah, it’s definitely a fair bit faster than what my NUC could put out (22,741 BogoWips, 5.42 Mbps and 465 queries/sec).

Now, the free tier only gets you 15GB per month of data usage. This may become an issue, so if I do run out (unlikely), then I still have the NUC to use!

After the free period expires, the price of the t2.micro server is $0.014/hour – or $122.64/year (on demand). You can pay for a full year or 3 years upfront, and you could save up to 55%.

I will keep track of the EC2 instance and let you guys know how it goes!

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