Ubuntu Linux Insurgency Dedicated Server: Workshop Content Working!

So I finally got workshop content working for Insurgency. This is what ended up working:

  • I added the -workshop flag:

./srcds_linux -game insurgency -console -port 27015 -stringtables -workshop +servercfgfile 'server.cfg' +map revolt_coop

  • Next, create a text file in the main insurgency install folder (could be ~/games/insurgency/insurgency) called subscribed_file_ids.txt (in the same folder as mapcycle_ files).

Next, you need some workshop content! Go to the Steam Workshop and browse for some mods you want to throw in. When you find one you want, look in the URL for ?id=xxxxxxxx:


Highlight the number between ?id= and the & (in this case it would be 350747322) and just add it to subscribed_file_ids.txt:


Just give each mod its own line and it should work:


And thats it! The clients download the Workshop files by themselves, saving you precious upload bandwidth! Have fun!

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