Upgrading to Ubuntu 15.04

It’s April 2015, which means a new Ubuntu release: Vivid Vervet!


Apparently, this is a Vervet monkey. I wonder what will happen when they run out of letters? I guess we will find out in exactly 2 and a half years!

Ubuntu Server showed the update on the “home” SSH screen, and to run sudo do-dist-upgrade, which I did. The download was about 1GB and took a fair while, even on my 100MBit connection (repository servers must be busy). They all installed with a couple of config file options, to keep or replace files (I kept them all so I wouldn’t have to reconfigure stuff). The rest of the upgrade went very quickly (thanks to the SSD) and the server rebooted with no issues. I had to reinstall Plex Media Server, but that was it! Easy peasy, and nothing got broken! RAM usage is unchanged, and CPU is nice and low. All is good!

On my desktop system, XUbuntu DesktopĀ popped up the upgrade message when I logged in, but I decided to try it on my laptop first as a precaution. The download was about 1.6GB and took a fair while (again, thanks to busy servers). My laptop took a good while to do the update (thanks to the slow CPU and mechanical hard drive), but once it finished and rebooted everything looked good, so I did the same to the desktop system (updated very fast) and everything is great!

As for changes, not a lot has been changed, but performance is a bit better (it seems). A full list of updates can be found here.

Munin: Apache monitoring fixed!
Vessel on Android needs to hurry up!

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