Use Webmin to Set Up a Minecraft Server!

If you’ve played Minecraft, then you have probably played on other peoples servers and interacted with others. You can set up your own server under Ubuntu Server using the command line, but this is fiddly and takes a long time to get things set up just right. You can use Webmin to download and install a Minecraft server for you!


To get the Minecraft Server Plugin, go to this page. Scroll down or search for Minecraft and download the Minecraft Server plugin. Go to Webmin > Webmin Configuration > Webmin Modules:


Upload the plugin to Webmin:

It will be installed. Now go to Servers > Minecraft Server. You will need to specify a directory and a user to install the server and run the server (not root!!). Now save the config and use the buttons at the bottom to download the server files. You’ll be told that you’ll need to start the server before you can configure it, so just press start and wait for it to set itself up.

Once that’s done, stop the server and do all your config in the menus! Happy Minecrafting!

Vessel limited support (as of now)
Vessel on an iPhone 4: Bad!

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