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I have been using OneDrive (formerly Skydrive) for many years now. I have just been upgraded to 30GB cloud storage for free, but there may be a few reasons you might not want to go down this route:

– you need larger volumes of storage
– you don’t trust the security (iCloud has serious security problems as of lately)
– there isn’t a desktop app available (E.g. there is no onedrive desktop app for Linux)

Well there’s another way! I just came across OwnCloud, which allows you to use your own storage and server to store files in a “cloud”-like fashion.

It is simple to set up and configure, and you can easily manage multiple users and send links of files to other people using unique identifiers, even if they aren’t using OwnCloud. Below is a screenshot of the Android app:



My favourite feature of OwnCloud is the sheer amount of cross-platform choices there are. I have a client installed for Ubuntu and Windows, and this allows me to keep my files easy to access across different platforms. Of course, you will be limited by the storage space in your server (but it will be YOUR storage!).

Here is a screenshot of the Ubuntu desktop app:


The desktop app launches automatically and keeps everything synced nicely. A word of warning though, your cloud data still requires a backup! Services like OneDrive and Google Drive have huge server farms that are continuously backed up so that the chances of data loss are very very slim, and your (probably) consumer hardware just won’t be as reliable without investing a huge amount of money. And, of course, your data speeds will be limited by the connection speed of your OwnCloud server.

Comment below if you have any questions!

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