Vessel on an iPhone 4: Bad!

Vessel is an online video streaming service, similar to YouTube and is owned by Hulu. It runs on a paid subscription model (I have outlined my thoughts on this here).

Since there is no Android app yet, I downloaded the iOS app onto my iPhone 4:


The app takes 10-15 seconds to launch, then you need to login to the service. Once you are logged in, you can browse various channels:


Looks neat so far! To watch a video, just select it. However, there is an issue:


Audio plays back just fine, but the video is just black. Something definitely isn’t working properly quite yet, and there are even more issues in the app:


All the videos were posted “a few seconds ago”?? Hmmmmm.

Vessel is still a very new service, and is definitely going to improve over the next few months.

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