Virgin Media “SuperHub 2” not being very super

We’ve just been sent a replacement hub, and everything was working just fine when I set it up. Speeds were great, and WiFi worked just fine.

Then after a while, it stopped responding. It showed up as WiFi but it wouldn’t let devices connect. It got even weirder when I couldn’t even get an IP address for a directly attached PC. Strange…
I rebooted it, reset it, did all kinds of cable configurations to try and get it to work. Then, I noticed something:

I think its been dropped in shipping. Classic!

I might try opening it up to see if there is a loose cable, but I’d rather Virgin swapped the box for a new one. I don’t want this problem manifesting itself anymore. The box works just fine if it’s laid on its side!

Weird or what? I hate IT equipment sometimes.

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