Website stats: who should you believe?

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how Google Analytics showed different reports than WordPress’ own stat reporting service. Well its been a whole month now, and I can report my results:

Firstly, WordPress:


WordPress tells us 715 total views, with 360 new visitors (about 50% new visitors). Not too shabby! Let’s see what Google Analytics tells us:


Okay, so now we are getting 1,153 views…


…of which 572 are unique visitors (about 50% again). So Google Analytics is showing an extra 438 views (38% extra views and the same ratio of new vs returning visitors) compared to WordPress.

Hmm, interesting. I use CloudFlare to cache my website and help keep it fast by saving some of my bandwidth: let’s see how many views that reports:


Errrrrrrr… Okay it seems that CloudFlare logs requests rather than actual page views (each page view generates a good bunch of requests). However, we can still do unique visitors:


Hmmmmm. 3,537 seems a bit much compared to the other results, so I’m guessing there’s a load of Search Engine crawler traffic in there too… Or that there are actually this many unique viewers, which means WordPress and Google Analytics were both wrong. Maybe CloudFlare causes some odd effects when it comes to analytical stuff?

In the future I might experiment with this and disable CloudFlare for an entire month to see if this affects results at all. Stay tuned!

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