WordPress caching: Worth it?

My Intel NUC DN2820FYKH isn’t the most powerful server in the world; I have it for its very low power draw. I enabled web page caching to try to reduce load on the server, and these are the munin graphs I have for the last few days:



Very little load as it seems (average “Load” is 0.17). WordPress caching does not reduce the amount of data traffic each request generates (minifying CSS and stuff helps), but rather it is intended to reduce the load on the server when many requests are made of the same page at once by, instead of reprocessing the page for each request, just generating the page once and sending that to everybody. This reduces CPU load on the server.

The question I want to know is: is it necessary?

So for a week, I will disable the WordPress cache and see what the long term difference is. I will let you know what my findings are next Friday!

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